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                  We offer customized  individualized tutoring

Identify whch of the 7 type(s) of ADD your child may have
All natural treatment plans and educational support
  1. Jeannien
    Michelle has been in our lives for a little over a year. She tutors my twin 12yr old daughters. She also cared for the girls, and our 8yr old son during the summer months. Michelle is extremely patient, and knowledgeable when it comes to my children. She understands that they don't all learn the same, and was able to identify which pace, and method best suits each child. Michelle is another source of encouragement for my children. It helps when children hear from other people, aside from their family, that they are doing an awesome job, and to keep up the good work, and to not give up. For this I will forever be grateful. 
  2. Shannon
    My son was struggling in both public and private school so I decided to home school him. When we found Ms. Michelle, my son was not making progress and had already been held back a grade. I was unaware that there was an underlying problem. Thankfully we found Ms. Michelle and within four hours of her working with him she realized he had dyslexia. 

    I always thought it was a possibility but neither public nor private school ever saw it. Michelle is a God send to my son. He is thriving under her tutelage and now has a love of learning and reading. She will continue to be my son's support teacher until he graduates. She is now a part of our family. If it wasn't for Michelle my son wouldn't be thriving! If you are thinking about a support teacher or tutor there is no one better than Michelle. Every child deserves the BEST! 

  3. Cybil
    Our daughter had a connection with Michelle from the beginning. Ella is excited and looks forward to her tutoring visits with Michelle. She is eager and excited about learning. It has reduced the stress within the family to have someone that connects well with our child and understands how she learns best. We have noticed an increase in Ella's confidence and believe Ella will succeed in 4th Grade. We are blessed to have found Michelle, she truly cares about my daughter and that means so much to us!
    We have been using Michelle for our 8 year old son who has ADHD and struggles with reading. He was about a year behind in his reading when we started. Michelle worked with him twice a week all summer and, not only is he up to grade level, he is going into 2nd grade already ahead of the game! She was patient, consistent, and loving with our son; he took to her and her style of teaching, growing in both knowledge and confidence. We will most definitely use her again any time there are struggles in the future. Thank you Michelle!
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Identify, assess and treat 7 types of ADD



We offer subject tutoring for struggling students and those who are gifted and talented.  We also specialize in Dyslexia Correction, ADHD, and Highly Sensitive Children.
All ages 
pre-k through adults
FREE webinars, siminars public speaking events. We can train your teachers and management team how work with children and employees with ADD. 
Let us help you identify which of the 7 type(s) off ADD your child may have. Each type affects different parts of the brain therefor the treatment options must be customized.   We offer natural treament plans for you or you child.  IEP,  504, and educational support.
Our Mission
Our passion is to help your children, not only improve academically, but for them to see themselves as bright individuals who have something amazing to offer the world. Know their actions and dreams can make the world a better place.  We want our students and parents to understand that we must all work as a team/family in order for each student to reach their highest potential.  At TWL, we want our students to achieve every extraordinary dream they have! 

About Us

Which of the 7 type(s) of ADD does your or your child have?

Are current remidies or medications not helping or causing additional problems?

Is you child's self esteem suffering in her/her current learning environment, despite his/her many gifts and talents?​​

Does your child feel safe, nurtured, and respected at school?

Is your child highly sensitive? 

Would you love to have a customized private tutoring or educational school experience that motivates your child to love learning while building confidence?

How would like to experience a calm home life?  

No more long nights at the kitchen table doing homework with tears, tantrums and frustration affecting the entire family.  We can help!

Let us help your child and family.  We can tutor and assess youir children at home or online.

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