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We offer customized  individualized tutoring

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At TWL, we understand that dyslexia is not a disability but beautiful gift and talent. Dyslexics must simply be taught differently. We would like to remove the label and teach to these brilliant students in a way that they can reach their potential as the amazingly talented individuals that they are. Typically, dyslexics have very high IQ's and have gifts in the areas of art, music, athletics, or mechanics.  They are often very highly creative.

Let us help you eliminate poor grades, poor self esteem, sports ineligibility due to low grades, frustration, long nights sitting at the kitchen table doing homework with tears, or tantrums that affect the entire family. 

Every person’s symptoms of dyslexia are unique, however there are many common characteristics they all share. With TWL, each student’s program to correct their dyslexic symptoms, will be specifically tailored to their individual needs to ensure the joy and ease of reading, writing, and spelling. 

Dyslexia – the Common Signs and Symptoms:

• Delayed speech and learning of colors and shapes in toddlers. 
• Phonics bases reading programs are terribly difficult or even impossible. 
• Hand writing may be illegible or not ‘make sense’
• Spelling of words correctly is very inconsistent
• Headaches while reading or even nausea or stomach aches. 
• Trying to compete a list of tasks causes anxiety and confusion
• Reading comprehension is very low
• Getting organized feels like chaos
• May even be dual diagnosed as Dyslexia and ADHD
• Learning site/high frequency words in 1st grade was nearly impossible

How we see the written word

There was once an old lady 

whose dog had been asleep for many many years, 

and she had a very beautiful daughter.

When she grew up she was married to a prince 

in a very distant land.

This is an example of how dyslexics see the same written word.
old lady 
beautiful daughter.
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